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People before profit:


My work represents years of experience working with artists, promoters, artist management, and media outlets to capture that perfect moment in time when artist, lights, camera, photographer, and mutual artistic ability come together to capture iconic moments in time.


I am a provider of performance, editorial, promotional, artist portrait/promo, and concert coverage ranging from club shows, regional tours, national tours, multi-day festivals, and international music events. I am comfortable working with artists, artist management, labels, promoters, editors, and agencies. I am at home in the pit, backstage, onstage, and general ad hoc shooting situations. Please contact me to discuss your assignment needs.


I enjoy sharing my photos with bands and fans of the bands because I support musicians in the art that they create. As an artist myself, I ask musicians and fans to respect my art as well. Please do not to crop out my watermark or alter the photos. I spend many hours editing down the photos taken and cropping them as I see it to work best as my art. If you need a photo for a specific purpose, please contact me and I can help you with that. Also, I respectfully ask not to use any of the photos I take of the bands to use in any merchandising/selling. You would be in violation of my copyright, not to mention stealing from the bands as well. If you are a band and would like to use a photo for merchandising/sales purposes, please don't hesitate to call me and we can talk about a fair fee. 

I appreciate your patience with one more thing...if you share my photos without my direct link (copy & pasting or sharing on Instagram or Facebook etc.)..please make sure to give me a credit of "Photo by Joseph Steiner of ©" using tags. Thanks so much in advance! You guys are the best!! Artists supporting artists!


If your project fits into any of the above description your in luck! Creative expression enriches the world. I believe amazing artists deserve fantastic images to showcase their greatness. Hit me up and when your prepared to create awesomeness!

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